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Powerful Scar Creams That Will Reduce the Appearance of Scars

Accidents hurt. Even when the injury has healed, a scar can be left behind–permanently impacting the look and feel of one’s skin years after the initial injury. Boasting a powerful 100% guarantee, X•SCAR is the only silicone scar removal cream on the market that uses scar optimizing ingredients to provide treatment for all skin types and skin tones. The X•SCAR formula was chosen based on animal studies and clinical research paper analysis, resulting in X•SCAR being one of the best scar cream products available today. 

Every scar is different and requires different attention. Currently, X•SCAR offers a variety of products depending on the needs of the patient and their skin. X•SCAR has developed three special formulas designed to visibly reduce the appearance of scar tissue–each with a different focus on a different skin type and need. The original formula was designed using medical based evidence and uses a combination of silicone, Vitamin E and other antioxidants to give your skin the nourishment and encouragement it needs to vanquish the thickness and redness of new scars. 

For people from ethnicities and races with a predominantly darker skin tone, the X•SCAR HQ product is specifically designed to prevent darkening of scars for non-Caucasian skin tones. X•SCAR HQ, a hyperpigmentation cream, helps facilitate healthy, proper scar healing with a silicone-based, antioxidant lotion. In addition to the silicone-based, antioxidant lotion, X•SCAR HQ contains kojic acid and arbutin–a natural and safe skin lightener that blocks excess pigment formation in the skin–to work together synergistically to get rid of dark scars

Let’s not forget the kids! X•SCAR has a scar cream for them, too. For infants, children and adults with sensitive skin, X•SCAR’s scar cream for kids has the attention to detail that’s necessary for tender skin. By adding the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C, X•SCAR Kids is specifically designed to work with delicate skin by incorporating anti-inflammatory ingredients to make it work. X•SCAR Kids is the only scar cream created with children in mind, and is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 

After being vigorously massaged into the skin for the elements to take effect, all of the X•SCAR scar cream products hydrate the damaged tissue and surrounding skin, resulting in flattened, less-red scars. No matter what type of skin you have, X•SCAR provides options for people of all backgrounds and sensitivities–giving you powerful scar creams that are proven to remove even the darkest of scars. 

How to Make a Scar Lighten with X•SCAR’s Scar Removal Cream

Scars are defined as marks left on the skin, but they can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and more. While some scars never heal, there are ways to make the appearance of your scar improve over the course of a few weeks. Everyone gets scars, but there isn’t necessarily a scar removal cream that’s available for all types of people. That is, until XSCAR. 

When it comes to healing, your scar cream shouldn’t be selective. XSCAR’s scar removal cream is a simple treatment for all types of skin tones, skin types and skin ages that has proven results in lessening the appearance of your dark scars over time. XSCAR is a scar treatment that uses a combination of silicone, Vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients to help your scars vanish without a trace. So far, XSCAR has worked successfully for thousands of patients–ranging from cleft lip scars in infants to stretch marks in adults. No matter your age, XSCAR has a scar removal cream that’s built especially for you. 

Using award-winning original formulas created by Dr. Shari Reitzen and Dr. Maryann Mikhail, XSCAR silicone cream products for scar removal are top of the line products that work hard to make sure your skin is as healthy as possible. The silicone-based scar removal creams work to reduce the thickness and redness of scars, while stimulating your skin to regrow the way that you want it to. Whether you have a fresh scar or a scar that’s just under a year old, the XSCAR formula works hard to make sure your scars are noticeably less visible. By moisturizing with the scar removal cream daily for 4-6 weeks and massaging the location of the scar tissue for three minutes each day, XSCAR guarantees a safe-to-use way for people of all ages and skin types to make their least desirable scars disappear. 

What is the Best Type of Scar Cream and How Does it Work?

There are lots of scar creams on the market. Some brands don’t live up to their promises, and their products fall short when it comes to delivering actual results. That’s why XSCAR is different. In order to heal your skin and reduce dark scars, your scar cream must have active ingredients that nourish your tissue while encouraging it to grow back stronger and healthier than ever. XSCAR uses the expert advice and professional experience of two physicians–certified in Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery–to give you the best results. 

XSCAR uses an original formula specifically for the purpose of healing scarred tissue. The secret lies within the ingredients. The XSCAR formula emphasizes silicone and Vitamin E, both of which effectively reduce the thickness and redness of scars when used correctly, helping you reduce the appearance of surgical scars, cuts, abrasions, stings, burns and more. In order to see the best results, the XSCAR scar cream must be applied to fresh scars. Older scars will not be helped by topical scar creams and often require surgical intervention, but XSCAR can significantly reduce the appearance of scars within their first year of formation. In addition to using the XSCAR silicone scar cream, patients must be sure to massage the scarred tissue area with firm pressure for at least three minutes a day to see the best results. 

When used repeatedly over time, patients will start to see significant improvements in their appearance of their scar. The earlier that XSCAR scar cream is used on a fresh scar, the more success is likely to come from the XSCAR treatment. No matter your age, skin type or color, the XSCAR scar cream is the only scar cream that provides an option for people and children of all different types. 

X•SCAR Scar Cream FAQs:

When do you start using scar cream?

You can start applying the XSCAR scar cream immediately after stitches are taken out of an injury. As long as the scar is under a year old since the time it was formed, the XSCAR scar removal cream will be the most efficient at lessening the dark appearance of the scar

Does scar cream work on old scars?

Unfortunately, the XSCAR scar removal creams do not work on old scars (>1 year). XSCAR products are recommended for scars that are one year old or younger since their formation. 

Old scars require surgical intervention or laser therapy to resurface the skin layer with the damaged tissue. If you have older scars and that is a route you are interested in pursuing, we suggest setting up a consultation with a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get the information you need.

When to start using scar cream after surgery?

If your surgery left a darkly visible scar, we recommend using XSCAR scar cream removal products as soon as the skin is fully healed from the initial surgery. Do not start using the XSCAR products while any wounds are still in the process of healing–they will be most effective after the skin has been given time to recover from the surgery. 

Does XSCARX’s scar cream work on acne scars?

The XSCAR scar cream removal products specialize in treating the redness and thickness of damaged tissue. Depending on the age and severity of your acne scars, the XSCAR products can offer some allievement when used properly on scars that appeared within the past year. 

Unfortunately, older acne scars require the same attention as older scars in general, and will not be fixed with a topical cream.