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Silicone Gel Scar Cream For Scar Reduction

At XSCAR, we put a focus on proper healing. Scars can happen at any time, but it takes between 12 to 18 months for that scar to fully form and for maturation to happen. After a scar is fully healed, the scar tissue is hard and built up–resulting in increased levels of stiffness and redness in the affected area. 

Although scars can feel like a permanent situation, there are ways to significantly reduce the appearance of dark skin blemishes. XSCAR’s silicone-based gel scar cream is effective at both preventing and healing scars–with proven results and satisfied customers for each of our scar reduction products. 

Here’s how it works: Silicone gel creates a protective layer over the affected area of scar tissue and prevents that area from losing any more water. Scar tissue is damaged skin that is dehydrated, thick and injured. Trapping water in the area with the scar encourages a rehydration process that also aids in tissue growth, so that your scar tissue can be given time and moisture to heal properly. Silicone-based gel scar creams also provide protection to the scar, so that harmful bacteria and other agents are unable to contaminate the healing tissue. 

XSCAR’s special formula features silicone and Vitamin E, both of which are vital towards the rehydration process–making XSCAR one of the best silicone gel scar cream products on the market today. In addition to reducing the appearance of dark scars, XSCAR also promotes a healthy skin routine for people with all types of skin and scars. If your scar is within a year of formation, XSCAR products will significantly reduce the intensity of your scar–while ensuring your skin will be its best self for the future. Scars can happen at any time, but XSCAR’s silicone-based formulas can help restore your skin’s balance, and make sure that your skin heals in the best way possible. 

Scar Care: The Benefits of Using Silicone Based Scar Cream

Accidents happen. While some accidents can result in a scar or damaged skin tissue, that accident doesn’t have to stay on your body forever. Scars may seem permanent, but through the use of silicone-based scar cream, the appearance of skin blemishes like scars can be significantly reduced. 

Silicone creates an ultra-thin sheet over scar tissue–effectively trapping moisture in the area and increasing the hydration levels of the skin. This encourages the skin to “breathe,” and promotes a much softer and flatter appearance of the scar itself. Silicone is also used as a protective layer to keep away itching, discomfort, bacteria and other contaminants away from your scar–so your skin can focus on getting better without any distractions. In addition to those benefits, silicone also stimulates growth factors that regulate the collagen levels in your scar tissue. While scarred tissue is damaged and not healing properly, silicone helps restore balance in the way your skin treats itself–leading to healthier appearances. 

These are only a few benefits of using a silicone-based scar cream. XSCAR’s silicone-based scar creams use a special formula designed by a dermatologist and a facial plastic surgeon–incorporating a range of antioxidants and other ingredients that promote healing. But don’t just take our word for it! 

According to scientific reports, using silicone on scars has resulted in an 86% reduction in texture, an 84% reduction in color, and a 68% reduction in the height of scars. Although the cream itself does not completely eliminate the existence of a scar or scarred area, it can significantly decrease the thickness and redness of the skin while hydrating it in a way that promotes healthy growth in the future. While accidents happen that may scar your skin, when treated properly and attentively, a silicone-based scar cream from a highly accredited, trusted brand like XSCAR can help you get the skin that you want. 

How Does Silicone Scar Cream Work?

Silicone is a lot less scary than it sounds. When it comes to scar creams, silicone is an active agent in fighting future bacterial infections and provides a safety net for your scar to start healing the right way. 

When uncovered, scars and other damaged tissue areas are exposed to the elements and contaminants in the world–hindering the process of regrowth. Products that contain silicone act as a barrier. The silicone creates an ultra-thin layer on top of your scar that keeps moisture in while keeping everything else out. By trapping moisture in a confined area, your skin is encouraged to rehydrate–something that damaged tissue desperately needs in order to heal properly. For that reason, XSCAR’s silicone-based scar creams have an extremely high success rate amongst its customers and a continuously positive satisfaction rate. 

It’s simple: by balancing silicone, Vitamin E and antioxidants, XSCAR was able to design an original scar cream formula optimized for scar maturation on all skin types. Silicone is proven to reduce the appearance of scars while promoting regrowth and healthing, so it makes sense that XSCAR is one of the best scar reduction creams on the market. 

X•SCAR Silicone Gel Scar Cream FAQs: 

How often do I have to apply my silicone scar cream?

As per recommended, you should apply your silicone scar cream 2-3 times a day, while deeply massaging it into your affected scar tissue for three minutes. We suggest using XSCAR consistently for one year to maximize your results–meaning that you should apply silicone scar cream to your face every day.

Is X•SCAR’s silicone scar cream waterproof?

XSCAR products are not waterproof. As silicone-based scar removal creams, they are purposefully designed to be massaged into scars–but as soon as they come into contact they will rinse from their area. Keep your scar and your scar cream away from water for the best possible results.

When will my scars fade?

By using silicone-based scar removal products such as XSCAR, you are able to reduce the thickness and redness of your scars that are a year old or younger. If you follow the directions provided on each XSCAR product carefully, your scar should start to fade over the course of the next several weeks. We recommend using XSCAR consistently for one year to maximize your results.