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Effective Silicone Scar Gel For All Scar Types: Acne, Post-Surgery, and Burns

Every wound on human skin results in a scar. Although precautions cannot necessarily prevent an injury from happening, we can take control of how we treat the damage done to our skin. Scars come in every shape, size, depth and color–but there is a universal way to help them heal. 

Whether you have post-surgery scars or facial scars from things like acne, XSCAR products allow you to take control of your scars, and give them the treatment they need. X•SCAR’s silicone-based scar removal creams were created by physicians–based on extensive scar management data and research–specifically with the healing properties of silicone in mind. 

Silicone creates an ultra-thin sheet over scar tissue–effectively trapping moisture in the area and increasing the hydration levels of the skin. This encourages the skin to “breathe,” and promotes a much softer and flatter appearance of the scar itself. Silicone is also used as a protective layer to keep away itching, discomfort, bacteria and other contaminants away from your scar–so while your skin can focus on getting better without any distractions. In addition to those benefits, silicone also stimulates growth factors that regulate the collagen levels in your scar tissue. While scarred tissue is damaged and not healing properly, silicone helps restore balance in the way your skin treats itself–leading to healthier appearances. 

At XSCAR, we know that silicone is a key ingredient to reduce the appearance of scars. That’s why we put it in our special formulas! According to scientific reports, using silicone on scars has resulted in an 86% reduction in texture, an 84% reduction in color, and a 68% reduction in the height of scars. 

Regardless of what’s on your skin, XSCAR’s scar removal creams provide an alternative way to deal with all types of scars–so that you can start loving the skin you’re in. 

Silicone Gel Scar Treatments:

Surgical Scars

XSCAR silicone-based scar creams work hard to make sure your skin looks the best that it can. While surgical scars can seem permanent, XSCAR’s original formula is designed specifically to nourish the areas affected by major procedures, and lessen the thickness of the scar tissue around those areas. By trapping moisture in the affected area, XSCAR’s silicone-based products effectively reduce the redness caused by scars–and smooth the skin to make it look healthy and rejuvenated. 

Facial Scars

For facial scars, the XSCAR silicone-based scar cream products trap moisture in the area of the scar, sending those unwanted visible marks straight to the spa for some healing. The silicone ingredient creates a protective layer around the scar tissue that it is spread across, allowing the damaged area to heal through hydration and protection. Scar treatment products that feature a silicone-based gel or other agent are proven to be the most effective, and XSCAR products have a 100% guarantee of success when used properly and effectively. Have a dark scar? Be sure to try XSCAR HQ for those looking to heal scars on dark skin.

Children’s Scars

X•SCAR’s scar cream for kids is specifically tailored for the sensitive skin of children. It contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, silicone and vitamin C, specifically designed to gently promote scar healing without irritation.

Acne Scars

Acne scars are a type of facial scar. Although their appearance is very common, they are still scars and can be treated as such. If you have recently noticed new acne scars or dark spots as a result of new skin care or other facial routines, XSCAR’s hyperpigmentation cream provides a way to lessen the intensity of their appearances. The silicone creates a protective layer over the damaged tissue areas, and traps moisture in the acne scars to rehydrate the skin. By containing moisture in a damaged area, the scar can heal properly and fade away.


Quick treatment and proper care are the most important aspects of healing. When it comes to burn scars, silicone-based scar cream products can be applied over the damaged tissue to promote healthy skin growth in that area. XSCAR’s original formula features silicone and Vitamin E, both of which are vital in rehydrating scar tissue in a successful way. XSCAR has proven results, and is considered one of the best scar products available today because of its ability to provide burns and other scars a way to heal.

X•SCAR Silicone Scar Gel FAQs:

What does silicone gel do for scars?

Silicone is effective at both preventing and healing scars. Silicone gel creates a protective layer over the scar and prevents it from losing any additional water–effectively starting the rehydration process. Scar tissue needs moisture to heal, and our silicone-based formula emphasizes all of these traits in one scar cream. The silicone also acts as a protective agent, and keeps out harmful bacteria and other contaminants that could hinder the process your scar is making. 

When should you start using silicone gel on scars?

You can start applying the XSCAR silicone-based scar cream 1-2 weeks after stitches are taken out of an injury. As long as the scar is under a year old since the time it was formed, the XSCAR scar removal cream will be the most efficient at lessening the dark appearance of the scar. 

Can silicone gel help old scars?

Unfortunately, the XSCAR scar removal creams do not work on old scars. XSCAR products are recommended for scars that are one year old or younger since their formation. However, our silicone-based formula can soften the scar and allow the skin to breathe–despite not being able to remove the visibility of the scar. 

Old scars require surgical intervention or laser therapy to resurface the skin layer with the damaged tissue. If you have older scars and that is a route you are interested in pursuing, we suggest setting up a consultation with a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get the information you need.

How long does it take for a scar to fade with silicone scar gel? 

By using silicone-based scar removal products such as XSCAR, you are able to reduce the thickness and redness of your scars that are a year old or younger. If you follow the directions provided on each XSCAR product carefully and apply the cream 2-3 times a day, your scar should start to fade over the course of the next several weeks. We recommend using XSCAR consistently for one year to maximize your results.