X•SCAR KIDS - The Best Scar Removal Cream for your Kids

X•SCAR KIDS - The Best Scar Removal Cream for your Kids

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Dermatologist Recommended Scar Cream For Kids

Childhood is full of excitement and exploration–which sometimes can result in injuries. Although scars are very common with children, toddlers and babies, that does not mean that their tumbles should stay on their skin for the rest of their lives. When it comes to treating sensitive skin, X•SCAR Kids is the best kids scar scream product on the market. 

Children are proven to have smoother, thinner skin. Because of this, their skin is more prone to dehydration, irritation and inflammation than the skin of adults. All of these situations can hinder the healing process of young skin and negatively affect scar formation–potentially resulting in darker, more visible scars. However, X•SCAR Kids directly addresses the problems of youth with a special formula tailored specifically to improve scars on the delicate skin of kids. 

X•SCAR Kids is a silicone-based scar cream that contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to ensure that your child gets the best care with minimal hassle. The silicone creates a thin layer above the scar tissue that traps in moisture, effectively hydrating the damaged tissue underneath. This allows the scar to nourish itself in a protected environment, encouraging healthy regrowth of the affected area. The X•SCAR Kids formula also contains Vitamin C to aid in the antioxidation of the scar, all while adding extra nourishment. 

While many kids scar creams are built with adult skin types in mind, X•SCAR Kids is a dermatologist recommended, child-tested and safe product that has been personally used on our own children. X•SCAR Kids is the best scar product for children available on the market, and we are proud to stand behind the success of our product. Instead of letting scars affect the appearance of your kids as they grow older, X•SCAR lets you take back control of your skin–and help it to regrow in a healthier way. 

Safe Scar Removal Cream For Kids, Toddlers, and Babies

Childhood is all about falling down and getting back up again. While some of those events can result in a scar, it doesn’t have to make a permanent home on your child’s skin. X•SCAR knows that accidents happen, and for that reason we created a scar cream specifically for kids, toddlers and babies. 

Because kids have softer, more gentle skin than adults, their skin requires different attention. X•SCAR Kids is the only scar cream removal product on the market that was created with nourishment, protection and delicate skin in mind. By using an original formula of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, X•SCAR Kids effectively reduces the thickness and redness of scars on kids and infants. The silicone-based scar removal cream creates an ultra-thin layer above the damaged tissue, trapping in moisture and preventing outside agents from contaminating the surrounding area of the scar. This creates an opportunity for the dehydrated skin to grow back healthier and stronger, resulting in a less intense appearance on the skin. For children, this can provide a safe and easy way to make sure that accidental tumbles don’t result in a permanent blemish on their skin. 

Currently, X•SCAR Kids is one of the first scar removal creams designed particularly for kids, toddlers and babies. In addition to being non-toxic and hypoallergenic, X•SCAR Kids is certified safe and has been personally tested on our own children with incredible results. We fully stand behind our product, and endorse its use as an easy, safe scar removal cream for children, young adults and gentle skin in general. 

Childhood comes and goes, but the scars don’t have to stay. Instead of hiding unwanted scrapes and scars, X•SCAR Kids offers a safe way for your children to start loving the skin they’re in. 

How to Get Rid of Childhood Scars with X•SCAR

Children play. Often times this results in roughhousing or tough tumbles, some of which can leave a nasty scar behind. Although scars are traditionally seen as permanent damage to one’s skin, X•SCAR does not. For that reason, our team of board certified dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons created a formula that specializes in treatment of childhood scars. 

The younger you are, the more sensitive your skin is. Children have smoother, thinner skin that is prone to irritation and inflammation–more so than the skin of adults. As a result, kids need a scar cream that is more gentle on their skin that nourishes the affected areas while providing protection against outside bacterial agents. X•SCAR Kids is the first scar cream on the market designed specifically with children in mind. Our original, silicone-based formula contains powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory ingredients to treat scars on delicate skin–so that your kids can outgrow their scars as they get older. Parents know better than anyone that scars happen. X•SCAR ensures that your kids don’t have to live with their childhood scars. 

X•SCAR Kids is proven safe for external use in infants, toddlers and young adults, and provides a non-toxic and hypoallergenic option for parents looking to reduce the appearance of their children’s dark scars. 

X•SCAR Scar Cream For Kids FAQs: 

Do children’s scars fade?

By using silicone-based scar removal products such as X•SCAR Kids, you are able to reduce the thickness and redness of your scars that are a year old or younger. If you follow the directions provided on each X•SCAR product carefully, your scar should start to fade over the course of the next several weeks. We recommend using X•SCAR Kids consistently for one year to maximize your results. 

Is XSCAR’s children’s scar cream safe for babies?

The skin of children and babies is more prone to irritation and inflammation, which can hinder the healing process and negatively affect scar formation. Because of this, X•SCAR Kids scar cream was created specifically with children and babies in mind. Our original formula improves scars on delicate skin and is safe for external use on infants, toddlers and young adults. The product has been personally tested on our own children with proven results. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-toxic and easy to apply.

When should I start using scar cream for my child?

You can start applying the X•SCAR Kids scar cream 1-2 weeks after stitches are taken out of an injury. As long as the scar is under a year old since the time it was formed, the X•SCAR Kids scar removal cream will be the most efficient at lessening the dark appearance of the scar. 

My child has a scar that seems to be getting bigger. Should I be concerned?

Scars can form at any time. When left untreated, scars do have the potential to grow in size. That being said, growing scars are not dangerous and do not present any immediate danger to your child–they are simply cosmetic. Alternatively, if you do not wish for your child to have a visible scar, we recommend treating scars immediately after stitches are taken out of their injury for the best results in lessening the appearance of the scar on your child’s skin.