Cream for Burn Scarring

Following the trauma of a burn injury, the last thing you want to deal with is scarring that reminds you of it every day. Burn scars can be irritating and uncomfortable, both mentally and physically. Fortunately, there are effective solutions available if you act quickly and stay on top of scarring during the healing process.

X-SCAR silicone scar gel is one of the leading products on the market that yields successful results in treating burn scarring on all types of skin. Our scar cream is designed to help your skin heal itself, rebuilding in a healthy way that minimizes the presence and visibility of scars left behind.

How to Get Rid of Burn Scars

When you burn your skin, you’re essentially killing the cell tissue within it. In response, your body begins growing new skin cells to replace the lost or damaged tissue. As your skin is going through this remodeling process, the constant breakdown and rebuilding of collagen can alter the appearance of the wound, giving it a texture, color, or height that differs from the rest of your skin.

To reduce the level of alteration to the burn area as it heals, you need to keep it hydrated and protected from bacteria that can interfere with balanced collagen production.

Burn Scar Care

The best way to care for your burn scarring is with consistent use of X-SCAR Original silicone scar cream or, for those with darker-toned and non-Caucasian skin, X-SCAR HQ hyperpigmentation scar cream. The key to scar reduction after a burn injury is to apply treatment as soon as healing begins and every day for the duration of the skin regrowth process—usually about a year.

What makes X-SCAR scar gel the best treatment for burn scar removal?

The secret to successful scar removal and minimization, according to expert research, is the use of silicone. X-SCAR’s formula uses silicone as its foundation, so that when you apply it to your burn or other scar a thin, protective silicone layer forms over the affected area. The silicone, combined with an array of antioxidants, Vitamin E, and other nourishing anti-inflammatory ingredients, traps moisture in the skin and acts as a barrier against bacteria and other foreign materials that can irritate your scar as it heals.

Our hyperpigmentation cream uses this same formula in conjunction with arbutin and kojic acid, to safely prevent excessive pigment from pooling underneath and darkening the scar.

The sooner you act to prevent scarring after a burn, the better. Don’t waste any time—order your X-SCAR silicone scar gel today and create the optimal environment for the healing of your burn scars and restoration of your skin!