Cream for Surgical Scars

Surgical treatment is often life-saving, or at the very least life-changing. The goal of any surgery, whether it’s a minor procedure or major operation, is to extend your life and improve its quality long-term. It’s no wonder such a physically transformative experience often leaves a mark to go with it.

Just because you want the positive effects of your surgery to be permanent though, doesn’t mean you want your surgical scar to stick around with them. The good news is that with X-SCAR’s silicone scar gel products, it doesn’t have to.

How to Get Rid of Surgical Scars

The key to preventing and reducing surgical scars is to keep the affected area well-nourished during the healing process. A scar is your body’s response to injury; an attempt to rebuild the damage that has been done. As new skin cells are generated around the site of your surgery, that area often takes on a different appearance—like if you applied a fresh coat of paint to one section of your car but not the rest. Surgical scars can take on many different characteristics, depending on their location, your age and skin type, and even your genetic history.

How to Take Care of Surgical Scars

To get rid of a post-surgery scar, you must ensure the skin is properly hydrated and protected following your procedure as it goes through the restoration process. Moisture promotes skin tissue growth that is softer, flatter, and healthier overall. Caring for your surgical scar involves taking measures to prevent this area from drying out or being contaminated with foreign matter that may impede regrowth. That’s where X-SCAR comes in.

X-SCAR’S silicone-based products are the best treatment for surgical scars.

The silicone in our scar creams acts as a barrier that protects your skin and helps it rejuvenate itself. By trapping moisture, the silicone-gel keeps your scar hydrated and allows it to breathe as it heals. The better-hydrated your skin remains, the softer and less prominent your scar will become. The formula of our creams also includes antioxidants, hydrating oils, and vitamins that help create an environment in which your scar can fully heal and restore your post-surgery skin.

We have products available that are effective at surgical scar healing for a wide variety of skin types, including: 

  • X-SCAR Original designed for optimal scar maturation and skin regrowth for all types of tissue damage 
  • X-SCAR Kids designed specifically to meet the sensitive needs of your child’s skin while healing their scars 
  • X-SCAR HQ designed to combat hyperpigmentation in scar healing, lighten dark scars, and prevent the darkening of scars in non-Caucasian skin types

Take control over the healing of your surgical scar and order your X-SCAR scar treatment cream today!