Cream for Facial Scars

Your face is not only how you’re able to see the world, but also how the world sees you. Visible scars on your face can greatly impact your confidence and cause constant irritation and discomfort. Facial scarring is common, but it doesn’t have to affect your life permanently. The silicone gel scar treatments we’ve designed at X-SCAR promote complete, proper healing of facial scars on all skin types, so you can get back to feeling like you after an accident happens.

How to Get Rid of Facial Scarring

Dealing with a scar on your face can be scary. Your face is the first thing other people see; their first impression of who you are. Anything that threatens to disrupt or impair it can make you feel vulnerable. But the best way to reduce facial scarring is by taking the same approach you would take with any other scar on your body—to provide a nourishing, secure environment in which the affected area can heal.

Caring for Facial Scars

Think of your scar as a sensitive area of skin in need of a little extra protection while it works on returning to full strength. The skin on your face tends to be softer than most other areas of your body, making it a bit more susceptible to dehydration and irritation (similar to children’s skin). If you can help your scar retain moisture and avoid bacteria and other contaminants during the healing process, redness, bumpiness, and overall visibility will be greatly reduced when it has finished maturing.

X-SCAR Silicone Scar Cream: Your Best Treatment for Facial Scars

Did you know that silicone has been proven to reduce texture in scars by 86%, color by 84%, and height by 68%? It works by trapping moisture in the skin, protecting the scar from bacteria that can cause excessive collagen production, reducing itching and discomfort that can cause further trauma, and restoring balance to growth factor levels in the area around your scar. That’s why we made silicone the foundation of our X-SCAR Original scar treatment formula, working in combination with Vitamin E, a range of antioxidants, and other natural ingredients that facilitate healing. For intense facial scars that undergo hyperpigmentation and facial scarring in individuals with darker skin, we have X-SCAR HQ. Our hyperpigmentation treatment is made with arbutin and kojic acid, which work in sync to lighten your scar and reduce its visibility.

Don’t let facial scarring dictate how you feel about yourself or the quality of your daily life. Move on from your injury and any facial scars it has left behind with X-SCAR silicone scar gel products!